10 Important Benefits of Working With a Small Home Builder

Many people each year build log homes in Montana. This style of home is very popular but how do you avoid problems during construction when you live out-of-state? Here are some pointers to help make the process smooth.

The first step is purchasing land. This may be done several years before you plan to build or the land can be purchased in conjunction with a construction loan for the building of the home. Realtors are a tremendous help in this stage. It you are buying land in Belgrade, Montana then it is wise to select one who is very familiar with not only Belgrade, but also the greater Gallatin County area. They would then be informed about the strengths and weaknesses of subdivisions from Three Forks to Livingston.

The second step is to select a log home builder. This can be done in several different ways. Asking the Realtor for a referral is a good option. Another avenue is to look online. Begin with contractors who are local to your area. But also consider ones that are from a few hours away. Many times a builder will travel an over an hour to a job site without hesitation. Areas closer to Big Sky are typically higher priced than those located on the outskirts of Belgrade, Montana. รับสร้างบ้าน

The third step is to interview the log home builders. Be sure to ask them if they will still work closely with you as the owner when you are out-of-state. It can even be written into the contract that the builder has to email photos once a week of work accomplished, before and after any major stages, and also of finished subcontractor work. It is also smart to make the builder commit to calling you if there are any major problems or changes that need to be resolved which will affect the overall outcome or appearance of the home. Though photo cell phones are popular it is better to get higher quality photos from a digital camera.

The fourth step is to sit down with the builder. Ask him lots of questions about his expertise, years in operation, and quality standard. But also be sure to ask him if he personally likes log homes. It is best to contract with someone who has expertise and a passion for log work. This step may take an entire day. Build in time to drive over an hour to various homes. If a builder is from Bozeman his nearest log home may be in Ennis, Montana or Columbus.

The fifth step is to visit some homes which this contractor has already built. Be sure to ask him his thoughts on various angles of the home. Get him to privately explain the log cabin’s strengths and weaknesses in design elements and layout that he sees. In Montana and Wyoming we get very high winds, so most of the time metal roofs last longer than shingles. Also in Montana full basements are not always possible. If no basement was installed ask the contractor why.


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